Grantsville's Chief of Police has resigned.

Roane County native J. D. Nicholson has tendered his resignation to Grantsville Mayor Gary Knight.

"It has been a great place to work. I'm proud of building real working relationships with the people of the community," Nicholson said yesterday.

The chief said he plans on working about 30 more days to "clean up a number of court cases" and finish a community project.

Mayor Knight has been considerate, he said.

Sources said Nicholson was told he could no longer drive the cruiser to Roane County when off-duty, indicating there was some expectation he move into the county.

When hired in August, 2006. He said, "I've always been a small town person, and Grantsville looks really good" after spending two years in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan as a civilian engineer.

The former Clendenin police officer was also a security officer with the University of Charleston, before going abroad.