A 22-year-old Calhoun man was seriously injured when his four-wheeler wrecked on Jesse's Run about 10 p.m. tonight.

Michael Hannah was thrown about 15-20 feet from his ATV, with his body going through what was reported to be a barbed wire fence.

The accident happened near the Richard Horsely residence off Jesse's Run Road, which is situated between Rt. 16 and Altizer Road near Arnoldsburg.

Sources at the scene said Hannah was suffering from head trauma and possible internal injuries.

He was life-flighted to Charleston Area Medical Center from Arnoldsburg Community Park.

Hannah's wrecked ATV was discovered without his presence, with 911 activating emergency services to begin a search for the man.

A call for Sheriff Carl Ballengee's police dog was aborted, when the victim was discovered in a ditch.

Calhoun EMS and the Arnoldsburg VFD responded to the scene, with Deputy Justin Metheney and Cpl. Doug Starcher.