After some tough financial times, the Calhoun Commission appears to have about $120,000 in carry-over funds this year, according to a report given commissioners this week.

"It's good to be in the black," said commission president Rick Sampson.

Items from Monday's meeting:

- Shari Johnson presented a proposal to the county regarding a Calhoun Alternative Sentencing Program, which would help reduce the county's regional jail bill (Article to follow).

- A public hearing was held regarding a Small Cities Block Grant for an elevator for the courthouse, now estimated to cost about $500,000. The original cost a number of years ago was about $110,000.

- E-911 Director Gary Buchanan told the commission most of the equipment that went down following a lightning strike at Mt. Zion has been replaced and is running. He said the state is finally going to deliver a promised GPS for mapping and addressing. At least four E-911 employees will attend training on the recently purchased CAD system.

- Commissioner Helmick reported that CRI in Parkersburg is experiencing problems, including a long-time CRI employee filing a lawsuit against the director regarding his firing from the weatherization program.

- The commission approved to be the "pass-through" for four grants reportedly requested by Del. Bill Stemple through the Community Participation Program, including two grants for the Calhoun Historical Society for $7,000 and $10,000, a grant for computer programing for the County Clerk's office for $10,000 and a grant for the Upper West Fork Park for $12,000.

Commissioner Weaver requested $5,000 grants for each of the county's fire departments, $10,000 for the county park and $10,000 to replace steps leading to the courthouse.

- LKADC administrator Diane Ludwig requested to move her office into the main courthouse, using a magistrate's court room. Issue put on hold.

- The commission went into a 20 minute session to discuss personnel issues, with no action taken.

The next commission meeting is scheduled for August 13th.