RATTLESNAKE KNOB - Not A Place For A Sunday Drive


A long view from Hur of Rattlesnake
Knob the highest peak in the distance

The road leading to Rattlesnake Ridge, with at least three families
living on the remote stretch

A view from the ridge toward Ritchie County

By Bob Weaver

Rattlesnake Knob is a 1310' peak between Joker and Ace Haney Hill at the head of Little Creek. In between is a rustic road and lots of wilderness for several miles.

The ridge road is now closed with private ownership.

During the early days of roustabouting, it was a favorite ridge running experience for country boys.

Rattlesnake looms over the countryside, the third highest peak in the county. Mule Knob in Washington District is the first. Not far away is Paulcer's Knob (numerous spellings) near the Husk Ridge at 1250', the fourth highest spot.

ATVs and trucks use to come to the area to
wallow in the mud, not a road for a Sunday drive

The view from Rattlesnake is breathtaking, at least for our mountains. You can see all the surrounding counties, particularly when the leaves have fallen.

Rattlesnake got its name for the obvious reason, a haven for the poisonous varmints.

The peak can be seen from the front window of the executive suite of the Hur Herald, a few miles away, looming over Rowels Run.