Former Braxton County Deputy Sheriff and Grantsville volunteer policeman C. S. "Shane" Dellinger has been charged with six counts of felony fraud committed while serving as a Braxton County deputy sheriff.

Dellinger worked for Braxton County Sheriff Howard Carpenter, who told the Hur Herald some months ago he had placed Dellinger on leave because he was suffering stress from a recent divorce.

The deputy, who was described as "extremely aggressive in law enforcement in Braxton," was apparently fired from his job, although the sheriff's department reportedly gave him a going-away party.

Dellinger was the subject of numerous citizen complaints in Grantsville, including the delivery of a Concealed Weapons Class which was rejected by Calhoun Sheriff Carl Ballengee.

Dellinger reportedly collected money from individuals for the class, although he was not certified to give the course.

The money has not been returned.

The Grantsville detachment of the State Police are reportedly investigating Dellinger regarding that situation.