Rick Sampson (L) and Richard Kirby (R) prepare loosened
chimney stone for removal, following lightning strike Tuesday evening

Other volunteers, left to right, Kevin Helmick, Eddie Harris, Craig Gherke and Richard Kirby prepare to lower the stone from courthouse annex

Volunteers took care of a safety problem on the courthouse annex yesterday.

Lightning struck the old jail building's chimney Tuesday night, dislodging a number of cut stones, which fell to the ground and through an aluminum porch cover.

At least one large cut stone was precariously hanging on the chimney's edge, and workers tied a rope about the stone to lower it to the ground.

While the heavy stone was being lowered, the rope broke and the stone fell through the already damaged porch cover.

Moments after this photo was taken,
the rope broke and the large stone fell

The area had been sealed off and traffic was stopped during the operation.

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