By Janet Siers

Well had a visit from Bob Weaver. My father and his father Gifford Weaver were CB radio friends together. It was nice meeting Bob as I don't remember him when I was a child.

Daddy's brother Uncle Shirley visited with us for the week-end. I called Heather and told her Shirley would be here and she drove from Summersville with Ruby to visit with us also. Heather's husband Ben had to work the week-end. Uncle Shirley, Heather, Ruby and I attended the visitation for Opal Weekly at Stumps Funeral Home in Arnoldsburg. Lots a people were there and we saw Opals sister Juanita who is my Aunt. It was a good thing to see everyone. Betty and Edsell Arnold, Mavis, and Annalee, (the Siers girls) Lois , Emma Deal, Dick Starcher and his sister Marlyn, Rosco and Pearl McCune,Larry Cottrell and his wife and many more. Don't be mad if I didn't mention your name. I'll get right one day.

Leon Newell and his sister Jean were there and I owe Leon's wife an apology. When I wrote about Leon and his wife attending the Bluegrass Festival and didn't realize that Jean was his sister. She was my Aunt Betty's best friend in high school.

Heather, Ruby and I went swimming at Strange Creek Sunday evening. The water was nice but cold in spots. The next evening we took Tyler with us back to Strange Creek and had a wonderful time.

While we were there we meet Kathleen Samples and here two girls Ivy and Haley who came in from Ohio for the Samples reunion. The next evening I meet Kathy's mother Bonnie and she told me stories of generation of Samples. They had swam in Strange Creek for over a hundred years.

Would like to thank everyone for the e-mails.

Still hot and dry here on the West Fork.

Have a wonderful week.