President Bush is coming to Martinsburg today, the 4th of July, to speak to the National Guard and their families.

He has closed the program to everyone but Republican officials and friends, inviting a few Democratic representatives at the last minute.

Congresswoman Shelly Moore Capito, his long-time supporter, will be there.

Considering the 4th of July is about the birthday of the USA, the visit is not unlike nearly all Bush events, highly controlled and scripted, but putting forth a TV image of a public event.

Bush appears in public less and less and separates himself from the American people through invitation only events and internal memos.

The administration has issued booklets identifying ways to keep protesters and anyone else critical of his administrations' policies away from events and rallies at which he speaks.

Documents recently obtained through the court discuss how roaming "rally squads" of Bush supporters should surround individuals or groups who dissent Bush policy, keeping them away from media coverage.

The policy is outlined in the Presidential Advance Manual.

During a Republican rally in Charleston, two people wearing anti-Bush t-shirts were arrested and removed after they refused to change their shirts.

Those not "patriotic" are asked to leave areas surrounding Bush appearances.

While the president needs security, there has been and continues to be a separation from the American people, unacceptable to Americans who cherish the values on which this country was formed.