Submitted by Barb McKown

Minnie Hamilton Health System is pleased to announce the addition of Dr. Roshan Ally Hussain. Dr. Hussain comes to MHHS with a background in family medicine and medical research. Currently, Dr. Hussain operates a private practice in Spencer, West Virginia.

Dr. Hussain has a passion for research and developing innovative health care services for underprivileged communities. In the past, Dr. Hussain has dedicated a significant portion of his time to volunteer services. He has received honors from Medical Mission, Guyana Association, Reena's Foundation and the Clifton House of Boy's.

Dr. Hussain exhibits a strong work ethic, beginning his career as an auto-body repair helper to help pay for living expenses while in school. Since that time, Dr. Hussain has worked as a laboratory chemist, laboratory demonstrator, research biochemist, and a senior research technician. In recent years, Dr. Hussain completed his Post-Doctoral Fellowship at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Hussain came to Family Health Care in Spencer in October 1996, with privileges at Roane General Hospital. In March 2000, Dr. Hussain opened his private practice, Roane Community Health Clinic. Dr. Hussain will be working part-time at MHHS through August while he is in the process of closing his private practice. Once his private practice is closed, Dr. Hussain will assume full duties at MHHS.

On a personal note, Dr. Hussain is married to Seomatie and they have two daughters, Stephanie and Melanie. Dr. Hussain speaks Spanish as a second language. He has several hobbies including gourmet cooking, tennis, jogging, baseball, cricket, fishing, weight training, swimming and traveling.

Dr. Hussain will begin seeing patients part-time in July. To make an appointment with Dr. Hussain, please call 354-9244.