Drugs, fights and stealing are just a few of the problems residents of a Clay County housing complex say goes on most every day.

Police say it has been a problem for years.

The 12-apartment High Street Complex is the scene of frequent calls to 911.

Now, the county is stepping in to clean up the problems.

"I had a friend live up here and I wouldn't let my kids outside unless I was out there with them," Sabrina Holcomb said, "I was nervous about the people who live here."

Joyce McLaughlin has taken over as manager of High Street in April and has been working to fix the problems.

"Almost weekly law enforcement is called out to High Street Apartments for drug related issues and theft," said Jay Carper from the Clay County Housing Authority.

The housing authority is putting the pressure on High Street management to evict the residents causing the problems.

"Keep in mind this housing is for low income families and the housing authority wants to provide them with a safe place to be reared," Carper said.

The new manager said she is in the process of serving eviction notices to residents causing problems.

The Clay County Sheriff said there needs to be better screening before people are allowed to move in to the apartments.

The housing authority is working to get a new management agency to take over High Street Apartments.