Plans are underway to start a volunteer-based statewide survey of the dragonflies and damselflies of West Virginia for the summer of 2007.

This project is a joint venture between the WVDNR and Lois Swoboda of the West Virginia Department of Agriculture. They hope to solicit as many volunteers as possible to continue this venture well into the summer of 2008.

WVDNR is currently in need of records from various counties and areas near Gilmer County. Participants must be willing to collect in surrounding areas such as Calhoun, Roane, Ritchie, Doddridge, Braxton, Clay, and Lewis Counties as well as Gilmer.

Those counties are in desperate need of records. One of the goals of our atlas project is to get a good representation of records across the state and to collect in areas that are in need of survey.

The Gilmer County Master Naturalist Program is looking for six enthusiastic people who are interested in learning more about Dragonflies and Damselflies. This training will provide you with a detailed look at how to identify dragonflies and damselflies, the way to determine the the difference between the two, and proper ways of collecting and preserving them. The WVDNR will supply all participants with free supplies. Supplies will consist of a net, thermometer, Atlas manual, ID guide, collecting envelopes and a jar of acetone to preserve specimens.

If you are interested in this training please contact Sheila Ables "As soon as possible" at 462-5038 or e-mail Sheila_Ables@yahoo.com You do not have to be a member of the Gilmer County Master Naturalist Program in order to attend this event.