The Calhoun Board of Education had a full agenda Monday.

The following new business was approved:

Conference Request - Norma Randall-Myers and Jo Mollendick - Spring Break 2008 -Field Trip to Italy and Greece; Bids for Multi-Purpose Roof at Arnoldsburg School - two bids received: Tri-State ($50,940.00) and Singer Sheet Metal ($44,288.00) with the bid awarded to Singer Sheet Metal; Content Standards and Objectives for Creative Drawing; Leave of Absence - Deborah Cunningham - Extend to January 2008; Athletic Insurance 2007-2008 - Sports Specialty - AIG Insurance; Student Voluntary Insurance - 2007-2008 - Basile & Associates - United Health Care.

The board entered into executive session at 7:23 p.m. for the discussion of personnel.

The Board approved the following personnel actions:


Denzil Dye - Retirement (Effective June 30, 2007); Tommy Gerwig - Summer Tutor; Amanda Richards - Summer Tutor; Larry Stinn - Retirement (Effective June 30, 2007); Tammey Webb - Summer Teacher; Kelli Whytsell - Summer Teacher.

Job Postings

Summer Elementary Teacher; Bus Operator (Bus #5); Assistant Varsity Football Coach; Head Volleyball Coach; Heads Boys Varsity Basketball Coach; Head Girls Varsity Basketball Coach; Assistant Varsity Wrestling Coach; Assistant Softball Coach; Head Baseball Coach; Assistant Baseball Coach; Head Middle School Football Coach; Assistant Middle School Football Coach; Head Middle School Volleyball Coach; Head Middle School Boys Basketball Coach; Head Middle School Girls Basketball Coach; Head Middle School Wrestling Coach; Varsity Cheerleading Coach; Middle School Cheerleading Coach; Athletic Trainer; Summer Reading Teacher; Custodian III - Itinerant/


Ashley Fox - Elementary Teacher (PHE) (from PNR); Richard Parsons - Multi-Classified Maintenance (27 years prior experience); Marisha Collins - Custodian III (CMHS); Robert Thomas Lewis - Bus Operator (Bus #5); William Collins - Bus Operator (Bus #27); Matthew Taylor - Multi-Classified Bus Operator/Custodian (Bus #8); Kristie Ritchie - Summer Elementary Teacher; Herald Fulks - Substitute Bus Operator; Timothy Davis - Athletic Director; Bryan Sterns - Head Varsity Football Coach and Strength and Conditioning Coach; Mike Stump - Assistant Varsity Football Coach; Doyle Hupp - Assistant Varsity Football Coach; Melinda Fitzwater - Cross Country Coach; Kelley Houchin - Head Volleyball Coach; Tim Moore - Heads Boys Varsity Basketball Coach.

Adam O'Harrow - Assistant Boys Varsity Basketball Coach; Kim Batten - Head Girls Varsity Basketball Coach; Brandi Richards - Assistant Girls Varsity Basketball Coach; Mike Stump - Head Varsity Wrestling Coach; Christopher Morris - Assistant Varsity Wrestling Coach; David White - Softball Coach; Jeffrey Church - Assistant Softball Coach; Jeffrey Houchin - Head Baseball Coach; Donald Wilson - Assistant Baseball Coach; Rex Yoak - Head Middle School Football Coach; Kevin Cunningham Assistant Middle School Football Coach; Elvin Hixon - Head Middle School Wrestling Coach; Sandy Weaver - Varsity Cheerleading Coach; Crystal Kendall - Middle School Cheerleading Coach; JoLynn Wilson - Student Council Advisor; Minnie Hamilton Health System - Athletic Trainer; Bridgette Bowen - Band Director; Patricia Haught - Majorette Coach; Kristie Ritchie - Summer Reading Teacher.

Finances approved:

Invoices - $440,621.37
Supplements - $67,906.45
Transfers - $126,930.61
Monthly Financial Report - May 2008
Blanket Approval Through June 30, 2007 - Invoices, Supplements and Transfers

A board concern related to the School Access Safety Plan.

Board members present, Cynthia Dale, Lee Evans, Joy Starcher, Steve Whited and Mike Wilson; superintendent Ron Blankenship; Vistiors: Jane Lynch, Keith Lynch, Jo Mollendick, Norma Myers, Donnie Pitts, Connie Roberts, Bob Weaver, Kelli Whytsell.