Judge Thomas Evans rejected a request to drop charges against Sara Beecher, related to illegal drugs, during Calhoun Circuit Court Tuesday.

Beecher's attorney Ernie Skaggs asked for the dismissal because of discovery issues, being that he was court appointed to represent both Beecher and former Grantsville Police Chief Ron Gordon.

Skaggs indicated Gordon was a principal in issuing a search warrant that resulted in Beecher's arrest.

Judge Evans denied the request, with Skaggs being removed from representing Beecher over conflict of interest, because he is also representing Gordon.

Skagg's made other motions for dismissal, related to Beecher failing to get a speedy trial and claiming complications related to an effort to enter into a plea agreement.

Judge Evans also denied those requests.

The issues surrounding the plea agreement are still being determined by the court.

The case is continued to August 2nd.

A hearing to revoke the probation of Steven Beecher was rescheduled to August, with a new attorney required to represent him. Beecher, who was indicted by a grand jury on drug charges, was reportedly found with an illegal substance, leading to possible revocation of his probation.

Grantsville resident William Bohn, 23, admitted to multiple problems that led to revocation of his probation and was remanded to Central Regional Jail pending being sentenced to the WV penitentiary in August.

Judge Evans reminded Bohn that his admission would result in prison time, with Bohn telling the judge he understood the seriousness of the problem.

Bohn had been convicted of grand larceny charges and placed on probation. He apparently failed to complete community service, attend substance abuse counseling, and file monthly reports to his probation officer.

Bohn is facing charges in Braxton County for walking into Central Regional Jail with a controlled substance.

Jimmy Keener, who is facing multiple charges, plead to two counts of sexual assault, 3rd degree. He will be sentenced in August.

Danny Minigh, convicted of drug charges, appeared in court related to determining sentencing.

The sentencing for Ernest Hall was continued, related to sexual abuse charges.