HUH? - WV's Gambling Industry "Cares"


There are things, about once a week, that make you go "huh!"

West Virginia's most recent is the state's response to helping addicted gamblers.

The helping addicted gamblers program was established to soften the blow of the State of WV moving the billion dollar gambling industry forward, now including casino table games proposed in three counties.

The state's financial future teeters on how much gambling money is brought into the tax coffers.

With Wal-Mart being the state's largest employer, one could see how important the revenue stream might be.

Starting July 1, the state financed Problem Gambler's Help Network goes from being administered by mental health agencies to being overseen by the WV State Lottery.

It is much like the liquor industry helping alcoholics.

No conflict.

The gambler's program, at the very best, says go ahead and gamble, but if you have a problem, we'll help.