The Board of the Little Kanawha Area Community Foundation (LKACF) is in the midst of raising funds for its second cycle of their challenge grant awarded by the Mary Reynolds Babcock Foundation.

The challenge grant awarded to LKACF by the Babcock Foundation in 2005 stated that the LKACF Board must raise $10,000 in a year for its LK Area Grantmaking Fund in order to obtain $5,000 in matching monies.

This challenge grant was completed in March of 2006 and in the fall, LKACF held its first grants cycle and handed out $5,000 in grants.

Recent local grants:

- $571 to the Town of Grantsville to purchase new playground equipment for the park.

- $625 to the Calhoun County 4-H Leaders' Association to support the 2007 Energy Express program.

- $625 to the Town of Elizabeth to provide matching monies to help replace the sidewalks in the downtown area.

- $553 to Creston Area Neighborhood Watch to purchase radios, aluminum road signs and window decals to help start a new Neighborhood Watch Program.

- $670 to the Grantsville VFD to purchase new radios.

- $615 to the Calhoun County FRN to purchase new car and booster seats to provide families in the area.

- $625 to Calhoun County Park to purchase new siding and windows to complete the renovation of community building.

- $692 to Minnie Hamilton Health Center to help purchase new Panacea Tender Plus mattresses for its Long Term Care Unit.

On July 1, 2006, the second cycle of the Babcock challenge grant opened for the LKACF Board. Again, the Board must raise $10,000 for its LK Area Grantmaking Fund in order to obtain $5,000 in matching funds from the Babcock Foundation.

The funds must be raised by June 30, 2007. The $5,000 obtained from the Babcock Foundation can be again given out in the form of grants for non-profit organizations in Calhoun and Wirt Counties.

So far, approximately $7,775 has been raised toward the goal.