During Monday's Circuit Court with Judge David Nibert presiding, Matthew Clay Bell, 22, of Creston, plead not guilty to three counts of daytime burglary and three counts, willfully setting fire on lands.

Gary Paul Ferrell, 48, of Big Springs, has plead not guilty to wanton endangerment charges, a felon in possession. Ferrell has requested a speedy trial.

Sarah Cain, 29, of Orma, who is charged with welfare fraud, plead not guilty.

Stephen Buvoltz, a drug-related case, will be set for trial.

A case against Dennis Cottrill related to statutory rape has been set for trial in July.

The court held a revocation hearing on home confinement for Elizabeth Sampson, who was serving time for a check fraud incident, the court entered information regarding new felony charges in Gilmer and other counties.

The court accepted "no contest" related to probation revocation for James Blankenship, who is facing multiple misdemeanors in Wirt County.

Sentencing for James M. Jones has been moved forward.