SUE MORRIS SPORTS COMPLEX OPENS - Baseball & Softball Oasis In Glenville


Entrance to the Sue Morris Sports Complex, a state
of the art facility, opened this week in Glenville

Photos by Drew Moody

The facility, as seen across the baseball
field from US 119 & 33, encompasses 10 acres

By Drew Moody

The Sue Morris Sports Complex in Glenville opened this week for the Gilmer County Little League Tournaments.

Five teams are vying for the county championship. They are the Sand Fork Rebels, Glenville Expos, Glenville Sluggers, Normantown Vikings and Troy.

The double-elimination tournament championship is scheduled for Monday at 7 p.m. with a 9 p.m. final if needed.

Artists drawing of the Sue Morris Sports Complex.
The two smaller fields in the lower right are softball
and little league baseball fields, while the larger
field is for high school and college baseball

The complex is a 'state of the art' facility.

For example, the little league pitchers mounds are easily removable to accommodate softball league play. All three fields are lit to permit night games.

To find a nicer facility, you'd likely have to travel a few hundred miles.

"Our kids are so lucky," a parent told Sue Morris, as she waited to throw the first pitch on one field, while husband I.L."Ike" Morris had the honor on the other little league diamond.

Sue Morris throws the ceremonial first pitch
on one field while Ike Morris throws the first
pitch on the second little league field

Both Morris' proved to be able pitchers on opening day, both having no difficulty pitching the ball across the plate.

"It was my idea," Sue said, "but Ike's vision that did this."

"He had to think it over for awhile....," Sue continued, "but if he does anything he had to do it right, or he doesn't do it."

In this case, Ike and Sue Morris, with the planning efforts of daughter Shelly De Marino, hit a grand slam.

The 10-acre facility is located just east of the new Calhoun Banks facility on US 119 & 33.

It features a walking trail, volleyball and basketball courts, a concession area, playground and a well-lit parking area.

On July 13 and 14 the Glenville State College Lady Pioneers are hosting a softball tournament at the site.

The largest field, for baseball, isn't open yet. Some minor work is remaining for the project to be completed.