By Alvin Engelke

By Alvin Engelke

Helen Nutter is home after being a patient in the coronary unit of the Camden-Clark Hospital. The medical folks there were unable to determine what caused her severe chest pains & such. On their way home she and Jack hit one of the DNR's deer.

Shaw Brothers Construction Company did additional work on the Creston Community Building storage structure. Tusky fetched some sand for the floor and the other brother has been working on shelves, etc.

Dave McFee who had suffered a heart attack while attending a car race is now home and has a stint.

Keith Belt brought the message at the Burning Springs M. E. Church as Rev. Juanita Lockhart was at the Methodist Annual Conference at Buckhannon.

Betty Bish attended the dedication of Fort Boreman Park down near Parkersburg and met with Sen. Donna Boley. They discussed the ATV poker runs at Creston and the senator noted that she planned to attend one. The next one scheduled is July 21.

Brandon and Andrea Ferrell visited Cedar Creek State Park where Brandon caught 3 fish on his first fishing venture. They were visiting at the Carl Ferrell residence in Creston.

Richard McFall was attending to business in Creston & Grantsville. He has been working on getting a rig going for an oil recovery project.

The Loudins got part of the sheeting for the roof on for their cabin before they were rained out. The local area received rain and one woman noted that there was so much hail at her house that the pile that came down the downspout was still there the next morning. The rain brought a halt to hay harvest.

Freddy Bush noted that he was looking for more hay to cut.

Don Bordenkircher, former warden of the pen at Moundsville, recently returned from a two-year stint serving as director of all the lockups in Iraq. He noted that he talked to many prisoners there and that many used excellent English and noted that there were weapons of mass destruction, that terrorists were there before we invaded and that they were fully funded and that the terror groups plan on worldwide domination and plan to kill all who do not convert to radical Islam. "As prisoners told me, 'we will kill you, your wife and babies, burn your city, and condemn you to a torment in hell until you convert & submit to the nation of Islam.' " He noted that the U. S. would likely withdraw from Iraq when we withdraw from France, Germany, Korea, Japan, Kosovo & Bosnia.

A Burning Springs Run resident who has a lot of local relatives was charged with telephone harassment and was given room and board in Doddridge County.

Mattox, the head state road guy, apparently is upset that folks questioned the plan to phase out state road workers for the benefit of politically connected contractors. He came out with statements almost as amazing as "we invented the wheel" or perhaps, "I discovered the Internet". He described core maintenance as if it were something new and that he indicated that local road garages must have been doing something else all these years. One traveler who returned from another part of the state noted that the grass was not mowed on main roads and that there were drop-offs from the pavement where the berms had not been maintained. Such would be the exception locally and those who think that "someone else" comes in and removes storm damage, etc. has never lived in the real world nor worked for a county road organization. It was also learned that DOH announced that they hired 71 new men, mostly operators, in the Fairmont, Morgantown, Kingwood area. Locally it has been stated that the powers that be hope to convince retired truck drivers to keep roads open during snow times.

The price of local Penn grade crude fell $2.25/bbl over the weekend to $59.75/bbl. The pointy-headed intyleckshuals who wanted the peasants to walk rather than drive are upset that gasoline sales have increased in spite of higher prices. It had been the plan not so long back to jack up prices with taxes to curtail consumption so only the elite, such as those who jet set the globe talking about "global warming," and "fighting poverty" could use gasoline, jet fuel, etc.

East Resources sold natural gas from Roane County for $13.69 while their Wirt County gas only fetched $9.40. Others received substantially less for their gas.

Parsons Logging and Dennis Trucking have both been in the Creston area recently.

Heartwood Fund has been harvesting the pine that was planted on the former Hall farm at the end of the Umstead Ridge along the Little Kanawha. Former Westvaco employee Mike Boone has been involved.

The Wirt County Farm Bureau will hold its regular monthly meeting on Tuesday June 19 at 8 P. M. at the Fire Station in Elizabeth.