The state Supreme Court has denied a suspended Braxton County magistrate's request to reinstate her pay while her case is pending.

Carolyn D. Cruickshanks was initially suspended with pay in March after she was charged with illegally helping her son in Central Regional Jail, indicating she supplied information to Jordan Grubb.

The charges indicate that the information could have been used to retaliate against a witness also in jail.

Grubb was housed at Central Regional Jail following a drug conviction.

The court record shows that Grubb called his mother from the jail, asking her to bring him documents that showed that Philip Dailey had testified against him.

The record says that Grubb "intended to get Dailey moved out of the pod in which he was currently housed and into the protective custody pod where all the baby rapers and snitches were."

Dailey was relocated to another part of the jail for his own safety, according to the order.

Grubb apparently called his mother and told her that his plan had worked, unaware that calls from the jail are recorded.

Grubb was then charged with retaliation against a government witness and moved to North Central Regional Jail in Doddridge County.

Cruickshanks, who has been the target of State Police charges before, has denied any wrongdoing.

Cruikshank's attorney had asked the court to reinstate her salary because she has not been convicted of a crime and needed funds to defend herself.