There is another problem with police creditability in Calhoun County.

A former volunteer police officer with the Grantsville Police Department is now under investigation by the State Police for allegedly using false credentials.

Sgt. C. Shane Dellinger has either been removed from duty or resigned, after he reportedly gave a concealed weapons class using credentials he did not have.

The Wirt County Sheriff is also looking into the matter, since Wirt residents reportedly took the class.

Calhoun Sheriff Carl Ballengee said Sgt. Dellinger did not produce adequate credentials showing he was qualified to give the class.

"He presented a certificate that was not proper," said Ballengee, and "I contacted Charleston, who said he was not certified."

Ballengee said he advised Dellinger he would not issue concealed weapons permits under such conditions, stating the class was not sanctioned by the Calhoun Sheriff's Department.

The number of individuals who took the $35 class has not been made available.

Dellinger, who was given the rank of sergeant by Grantsville Chief of Police J. D. Nicholson, reportedly had problems while serving as a sheriff's deputy in Braxton County.

Nicholson indicated problems with volunteers have been corrected.

Braxton Sheriff Howard Carpenter indicated at the time Dellinger was on personal leave related to stress he was suffering from a divorce.