Submitted by Sharon Settle

Winners of the Mayflower Pageant sponsored by the Upper West Fork Park on May 19th have been announced.

First place pageant winners received a crown, sash and trophy. Second and 3rd place winners received a trophy. Photogenic 1st place winner received a trophy. Second and 3rd place Photogenic winners received a ribbon.

Winner Categories:

0-6 months - First place Bethani Henderson (5 mo) daughter of Stephanie and Micky Henderson of Bickmore, WV; 2nd place Maycee Carter (4 1/2 mo) daughter of Adam and Heather Carter of Millstone, WV; 3rd place Ashlyn Boak (3 mo) daughter of Kevin and Amber Boak of Mt. Zion, WV

7-12 months - Brealle Arthur (7 mo) daughter of Brent and Holly Arthur of Creston, WV

13-23 months - Charles Lynch (14 mo) grandson of Pat Lynch of Arnoldsburg, WV

2-3 years - First place Morgan Workman (3 yrs) daughter of Elizabeth Holcomb of Bickmore, WV; 2nd place Summer Parsons (2 yrs) daughter of Robby and Stephenie Parsons of Grantsville, WV; Kennedy Ater (2 yrs) son of Kenny Ater and Sara Keen of Nebo, WV

4-5 year - First place Kaylin Parsons (4 yrs) daughter of Paul and Lori Parsons of Grantsville, WV

9-11 years - First place Danielle Richards ( 10 yrs) daughter of Gary and Emma Richards of Big Bend, WV

Photogenic winners:

First place Kaylin Parsons, 2nd place Charles Lynch, 3rd place Bethani Henderson

We would like to thank all the contestants and their parents for coming out and participating in the contest. We would also like to thank Ashley Conley our Rosebud Queen for crowning the winners and giving out the trophies.

Special thanks to the judges, Vicky Davis and Amanda Salisbury of Clay County and Rita Kennedy of Calhoun County, and to Kristie Snider for taking time to decorate the stage and getting everything together.