WV KNIFE AND GUN CLUB - Man Wakes Up With Bullet In Head

HUNTINGTON MAN IN SHOOT-OUT WITH POLICE -Investigators say a shoot-out with police started early Saturday morning.

Officers received a call about shots fired, and when they got to the house, family members identified the suspect as Paul Congleton.

Congleton ended up inside the dwelling, where police negotiated with the man for several hours. They said Congleton's son also tried to talk his father out.

The Huntington SWAT team entered the house where gun shots were exchanged.

Congleton then barricaded himself inside an upstairs closet and again fired on police.

He was struck by two or three police bullets, and is reported in critical condition at a local hospital. No police were injured.

Congleton's family said the man had a history of mental illness and had gone off his medication.

MAN WAKES UP WITH BULLET IN HEAD - It's a bizarre case.

A man from a Huntington neighborhood known as Altizer woke up with a bullet in his head.

Huntington police have not released the name of the victim or the suspect.

Police say the victim woke up in his home intoxicated and at first didn't even realize he had been shot.

The man noticed a lot of blood coming from his head so he went to the hospital.

Police say someone shot at the victim's truck and his trailer and it was one of those bullets that went through the home and hit the victim in the head.

At least five shots were fired.

The victim is at St. Mary's Medical Center in stable condition.

HOSTAGE INCIDENT TURNS DEADLY - Raleigh County police say they heard a single shot and soon learned a hostage incident was over.

Sheriff's Captain Gordon Gregory says 22-year-old Adam Light decided to take his own life.

It all happened last week in the community of Prosperity.

Light, of Summers County, held his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend at gunpoint while police tried to negotiate their release.

Gregory says Light used a ladder to climb through an unlocked window and into the apartment where the couple and three children were sleeping.

Light woke the couple and threatened them with a gun.

Light then left the boyfriend alone for a few minutes, giving him a chance to call police. "Light took the female into the kitchen. The male subject got to a cell phone and called 911," said police.

When police arrived "The suspect had the female out on the back porch. He pushed her back inside. Deputies started a negotiation with him to release everybody when they heard a single gunshot."

Light took his own life, the others were uninjured.

Two of the children in the apartment belonged to Light and his ex-girlfriend. Police said they had a violent past.

"About a month ago, they had domestic problems where he was arrested for domestic battery and arson, he had poured lighter fluid or something on them and was going to burn them," authorities said.

THREAT BRINGS POLICE TO SCHOOL - Charleston Police scrambled to Stonewall Jackson Middle School last week to check two school buses for weapons.

Deputies said a school bus driver overheard bits and pieces of a conversation by two boys, who allegedly said they would bring an assault rifle to Tyler Middle School and there would be "blood on the wall."

At least a dozen officers went to the scene, searching the school and buses.

The two students who allegedly made the threat had been suspended and were angry with the Principal, neither were at school when officers arrived.