Additional business conducted at Monday's Board of Education meeting.

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The board approved the 2007-2008 school calendar, two home school requests, a volunteer agreement for Lisa King at Pleasant Hill, out-of-state conference requests, and several end-of-year transportation requests for special student trips.

Retirements/Resignations approved:

Jeff Burns - Assistant Football Coach; Bernard Miller - Effective July 1, 2007; Seana Miller - Girls Middle School Basketball Coach; Ada Overbaugh - Summer Custodian; Jason Poling - Summer Tutor; Connie Roberts - Effective June 30, 2007.

Job Postings approved:

Summer School Custodian; Multi-Classified Bus Driver/Custodian (Bus #8); Bus Driver (Bus #27); Custodian - Calhoun Middle/High School; Chief School Business Official; Multi-Classified General Maintenance/Mason; Elementary Teacher - Pleasant Hill School.

Rescissions/Employment approved:

Wilbert Kerby - Summer Custodian; Vickie Baker - TIS (from Math Teacher CMHS); Samantha Jarvis - ½ Math Teacher CMHS (from Pleasant Hill); Joyce Morgan - School Nurse (from PNR); Bonnie Sands - TIS (from PNR); Ernie Tingler - Full Time Math Teacher - CMHS (from ½ time CMHS); Jason Walker - Bus Operator/Custodian (from PNR).

Motion carried unanimously. Finances approved:

Invoices - $413,230.08; Supplements - $79,611.29; Monthly Financial Report - April 2007.

Board member Steve Whited expressed concern about Calhoun Middle/High School not collecting scoring table ads.

Others Present:

Vickie Baker, Maggie Bennett, Susan Carper, Greg Cartwright, Faye Chambers, Gina Freed, Linda Jarvis, Gloria Jones, Karen Kirby, Anita Parsons, Donnie Pitts, Connie Roberts, Jacqueline Shimer, Linda Shock, Bryan Sterns, Larry Stinn, Carla Taylor, Charles Thomas, Bob Weaver, Betty Westfall, Kathy Wood.