Front view of the necktie skirt

Talia Markham is the current Miss WV Association of Fairs & Festivals. She says her job attending all the fairs, festivals, pageants, and parades, prevents her from obtaining full-time employment.

Being an enterprising young lady she has opened up a clothing design business - Chic Diva Designs - where she makes "one of a kind" items for sale.

"My featured item, that is really a big hit is my "Necktie Skirt," says Talia. The skirt is assembled with neckties and blue jean tops. "It can be a 'memory maker,'" she says.

"Many girls have sent me neckties belonging to their grandfather, dad, brother, friend, etc, to have them made into skirts," says Talia.

The design was taken from another type of design that retails at $186. Talia said, "My design sells for $60, but if the neckties are provided by the customer I charge only $40.

For more information you may email Ms. Markham at taliamarkham@yahoo.com

Talia is the daughter of Judge Thomas Evans and Teresa Evans.

Back view of the skirt