COMMISSION HEARS AUDIT REPORT - New Personnel Board Appointed

The Calhoun County Commission, after approving budget revisions at Monday's meeting, heard a summary related to the annual county audit from a representative of the auditor's office.

Commission president Rick Sampson said there were no major problems with the audit, with a number of management recommendations made by the auditor.

In personnel action, Michelle Sears transferred from the Sheriff's Office to the assessor's office and April D. Wilson was approved for hire in the prosecutor's office.

Commissioner Helmick advised the commission that Community Resources Inc., may be changing their mind about closing the Grantsville operation, indicating it could be operated part-time.

The future of the relationship between the Little Kanawha Bus Company and CRI will be studied for a year by CRI, indicating the bus company effort to move toward becoming a regional transit authority is on hold.

Robert Beall was appointed to serve on the Pleasant Hill PSD, a six year term and Rena Bowman was appointed to the library board.

E-911 Director Gary Buchanan gave a report on progress related to the completion of the center and work related to E-911 addressing and mapping.

Diane Ludwig of the Little Kanawha Development Corporation gave a report.

The Wood Festival provided the commission with a copy of their monthly meeting.

An application for compliance to health department standards is being completed for the county park.

The commission granted $500 to the WVU Extension Service to support funding for 4-H campers.

The commission officially appointed a new personnel board for the county under the WV code, which includes a county commissioner, all elected officials and employee representatives.

That board will devise county personnel policies and then ask elected officers to sign-on to the county employee handbook.

County assessor Jason Nettles, through his Charleston attorney, opted out of county-wide personnel policies, adopting his own personnel guidelines for his office.

The next commission meeting has been set for June 4.