YOU COULDN'T MAKE THIS UP - Underwear Hold-Up & Iced Tea Suit

A Wyoming County man who says he found a condom in his iced tea glass last Mother's Day has brought a suit against a Shoney's restaurant in Logan County.

James Bledsoe's alleges that he and his family were eating at the Logan restaurant last Mother's Day when he saw the condom in his half-finished ice tea drink.

The restaurant manager, assistant manager and a server are also named as defendants.

Bledsoe's initial blood tests for communicable diseases came back negative, the suit says.

The lawsuit requests a jury trial and seeks an unspecified amount in both punitive and compensatory damages.

The suit indicates the evidence - the condom - was intentionally destroyed.

Then there is the ladies panties case.

Steven Clay Stephenson, 34, of Ranson, near Martinsburg, has been charged in a convenience store robbery.

Stephenson covered his face with a pair of women's blue underwear and used a pistol-shaped cigarette lighter in the botched robbery.

"I couldn't make this stuff up if I tried," said State Police Sgt. T.C. Kearns.

The cashier at first thought it was a joke, turned hysterical and refused to give the man money.

The robber then ran to a Jeep Cherokee and drove away following the 4 a.m. heist.

A short time later, police stopped a vehicle matching that description and took two men into custody.

Police found a pistol-shaped lighter while searching Stephenson.

They also recovered the underwear, nearby.

Stephenson is charged with nighttime burglary, attempted robbery, first-offense driving under the influence, petit larceny and improper registration.