CALHOUN HAS SCANT ROAD IMPROVEMENTS FOR 2007 - Regional Counties A Little Better

State transportation secretary Paul Mattox has been warning state residents that funds are short for highway improvements.

The state is now on a course of paving the state's 37,370 miles every 22 years.

With county roads falling apart, there is bad news.

The Herald has reported at least once a year on highway projects scheduled for Calhoun and regional counties.

Over the years, the list was provided by the local highway department, but policy has shifted public information to the district.

This year, getting the information has been difficult, so the Herald issued a Freedom of Information request.

So, here's the 2007 list:

- One section of paving from the junction of Rt. 16 to County Rt. 7/6 (Millstone to Sand Ridge) at a cost of $382,000, to be done in July.

- Install an aluminum arch on Klipstine Rd. at a cost of $50,000.

- Raise grade and replace small structure on Spring Run Road, Junction CR 24/1 to Junction US 33 at cost of $150,000.

- Painting bridges: Straight Creek Bridge, White Oak Bridge, Altizer Bridge, Annamoriah Bridge, and Barnes Run I-Beam Bridge.

That's it for Calhoun.

The rest is under the state's new Core Maintenance Program.

Mattox told the legislative committee this week, under the new system, county road crews will focus strictly on core maintenance, including mowing, snow and ice removal, and minor road patching and repairs, leaving larger projects to special heavy maintenance crews in each of the 10 DOH districts.

Roane County is scheduled for a $740,000 paving project for Garner Branch-Big Sandy a $294,000 for Rt. 14 Reedy-Wirt County line.

Also in Roane, a slip project on Garner Branch-Big Sandy at $140,000, a concrete box culvert installation on Noble Ridge at $45,000, extending a box culvert on Steel Hollow for $30,000, replacing a box culvert on the Spencer-Walton Rd. for $200,000, ditching, pipe, patching and leveling re-paving prep for Garner Branch-Big Sandy Rd. for $106,000.

Bridge work for Ash Camp Run Bridge is listed at $106,000, with Cicerone Bridge to be painted.

Wirt County highway improvements for 2007, a $730,000 paving project for Newark Rd. to Rt. 47, $115,000 slip repair Two Run, $120,000 to replace existing culvert on the Spencer-Elizabeth Road, $800,000 to raise grade and improve alignment on the Palestine-Elizabeth Road, and the painting of Standingstone and Brushy Fork Bridge.

The 2007 price tags (Bridge painting is contracted):

Calhoun $582,000

Roane $1,661,000

Wirt $1,885,000