Former Grantsville police chief Ron Gordon was indicted Tuesday by a Calhoun Grand Jury in Grantsville, with eight counts alleging he sexually abused or assaulted six females.

The case was presented by special prosecutor Thomas Lee Kirk, with Judge David Nibert presiding.

A ninth count alleges he committed nighttime burglary, indicating he broke into a woman's house, at which time he was allegedly attempting to commit sexual assault.

At least five of the women he is accused of abusing, according to the indictment, appears to be linked to Gordon's professional status as a police or home confinement officer.

These incidents, according to the court document, allegedly happened between 1988-2005.

A sixth female is identified as being between the age of eleven and fourteen-years-old, previously identified as a relative. That incident reportedly occurred about 1981-82.

Most of the cases indicate Gordon engaged in sex resulting from "forcible compulsion" with a lack of consent.

The investigation by 1st Lt. P. G. Sutton of the West Virginia State Police has been ongoing for about 17 months, since Gordon was removed from his position by Grantsville Mayor Wilbert Kerby about February, 2006.

Gordon has been on home confinement since last summer, waiting a possible indictment.

He has been charged with:

- Four counts of sexual abuse in the first degree

- Two counts of sexual assault in the second degree

- One count of sexual abuse in the second degree

- One count of attempt to commit sexual assault in the second degree

- One count of nighttime burglary

The nine charges are all felonies, and considered to be serious crimes with extensive jail time.

An indictment is not an indication of guilt. It means a grand jury has found sufficient evidence to warrant a trial.

Gordon is represented by attorney Ernest Skaggs.