The West Virginia Fire Marshal's office has been contacted to investigate a Grantsville house fire, according to the Grantsville VFD.

The fire is of unknown origin.

The house was fully engulfed when firemen arrived on the scene shortly before 4 a.m. Sunday. (See Herald story and photos 5/6/07)

Fire destroyed the dwelling between Wigner and Main Street.

Firemen indicated Judy Wagoner, who had recently rented the house, was the lone occupant.

She lost all her possessions.

This is the fourth suspicious fire in the county in the last month, requiring the services of the Fire Marshal's office.

They are investigating the cause of a house fire on Cabbage Knob near Nobe Road and two adjacent houses that burned to the ground on Mud Fork, at Stinson.

Sunday morning's Grantsville fire destroyed the original Roy Kemper house, near the west end of Grantsville, Rt. 5.