Mandy Perkulo pitched the first game Sunday

Photos by Drew Moody

By Drew Moody

The Glenville State College women's softball team is young - that is 12 freshman young. With a 17-27 overall record and currently ranked eighth in the conference, they've already surpassed last year's efforts.

Second year head coach Rick Moore hopes the team will make an even stronger showing during the final 10 games of the season.

Play began at 1 p.m. Sunday at the Lady Pioneers new softball complex, adjacent to the football field.

Seton Hill got off to a quick start scoring two runs in the first inning.

In the top of the second inning a Seton Hill double brought runners on second and third base across home plate. The score stood at 0-4.

The Lady Pioneers couldn't get traction in the bottom of the second.

At the top of the third, Lady Pioneer short-stop Lacy Powell turned two infield hits into quick outs, throwing the ball to first on forced outs.

Karly Eskew caught a fly ball to right field, making it a quick inning.

Two strike outs and a fly ball to center by the Lady Pioneers found them at the top of the fourth. No change in the score which stood at 0-4 Seton Hill on top.

Lacy Powell (L) scooped up several infield hits and
fired the ball to first forcing the out. Karly
Eskew (R) at bat caught several fly-balls in right field

Lacy Powell picked up another grounder, drilling it to first for the initial out. Then Mandy Perkulo, pitcher, got her second strike out, followed by Karly Eskew grabbing her second fly ball to right field - retiring Seton Hill in short order.

At the bottom of the fourth it looked like the Lady Pioneers were staging a come back.

Kayla Shobe hit a home run making it a 1-4 ball game.

Stacy Mack nailed a single. Beth Moore bunted but was thrown out at first; Mack advanced to second base. Lorrie Chaperon hit a double giving Mack the opportunity to cross home plate. The score 2-4.

The Lady Pioneers hit one to the infield and was thrown out at first. And infield fly was nabbed and the Lady Pioneers took the field again.

Top of the fifth, it's still a 2-4 ball game. Seton Hill failed to score.

Lady Pioneer runner safe at sceond

A quick turnaround at bat and it's the top of the sixth, the score unchanged. Stacy Mack nabbed a fly ball for the first out and Lacy Powell scooped up two more infield grounders, whipping them over to first to close out the inning.

The Lady Pioneers couldn't manage to score in the bottom of the sixth.

In the top of the seventh Seton Hill hit a double to center field. The next batter manages an infield hit, but is thrown out at first. The runner advances to third.

An infield hit places another runner at first, who advances to second base. Runners are at second and third bases. Karly Eskew grabbed her third right field fly ball for the second out.

The next Seton Hill batter connects on an infield hit. An error on the play allowed for two runners to cross home plate making the score 2-6.

The Lady Pioneers failed to score in the bottom of the seventh. In the second game of the double header the Lady Pioneers topped Seton Hill 6-0. No statistics were available for either game.

The second game featured eight freshman and a sophmore. Tiffany Bush of Smithville pitched. "We played great defense behind Tiffany and that was the difference," Coach Rick Moore said.

Tuesday the Lady Pioneers travel to Rio Grande, located across the Ohio River from Point Pleasant.

Mountain State faces the Lady Pioneers for a Wednesday double-header at home beginning at 5 p.m.

On Friday, Rio Grande travels to Glenville to play a 5 p.m. double-header.

April 29th is senior day, when the Lady Pioneers will face the University of Charleston. Beth Moore and Elizabeth Randolph, the two seniors on the team, will be honored.