By Bob Weaver

Police combed a wooded area near Pleasant Hill last night for a suspect who reportedly fled from State Police in Grantsville.

Police were apparently attempting to serve a warrant on Matthew Bell at Grantsville Manor, when he fled into the woods, according to Cpl. Doug Starcher.

Bell is reportedly wanted for breaking and entering property on Bryner Road a few weeks ago.

Two brush fires broke out on Bryner Road last month, allegedly set by a person who was reportedly involved in a breaking and entering at the Richard Kirby residence.

Bell has been a suspect in the case.

Firemen found a backpack, oil and fire crackers, reportedly hidden in leaves and State Police reportedly interrogated Bell who was on foot near Joker.

At least seven law officers were combing the woods between Pleasant Hill (Rt. 16) and the greater Leafbank area (Rt. 5) until 10:30 last night.

State Police, the Calhoun Sheriff's Department, and members of the Grantsville Police Department were involved in the search in a wooded area behind the Neil Blankenship and Hugh Dale residences.