E-911 Advisory Board discusses addressing and mapping the county
(L to R) Paul King, Fred Waybright, Janet Gherke, Gary Buchanan,
Rick Postalwait, Jerry Riggs, Barb Lay and Ron Blankenship

Calhoun's E-911 Advisory Board met last night hearing a report from E-911 Director Gary Buchanan about addressing and mapping in Calhoun County.

Buchanan said the addressing and mapping will be starting shortly in the Big Springs area.

He told the board Calhoun will receive about $32,000 to complete the project, to be paid during different phases of completion.

The 13-member Advisory Board approved new by-laws.

There was discussion regarding the approval of a money-saving phone package from Frontier, also noting that carpet and furniture is being placed in the E-911 office.

Suggestions were made about adding a small deck on the backside of the center.

Efforts continue to solve heating and cooling problems in the building.

Board members discussed the need to support efforts to re-invent the county-wide Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC) board.

Barbara Lay, CEO of Minnie Hamilton and E-911 Advisory Board member, gave members a copy of the Calhoun Pandemic Preparedness Response Plan.