One of several church buildings in
First Baptist's long history
(Photo courtesy of Sandra Stevens Marshall)

A First Baptist Sunday afternoon "dinner on the
ground" picnic circa 1920-30 near Grantsville
(Photo courtesy of Juanita Haught Willard)

The Men's Sunday School Class at the First
Baptist Church in Grantsville, likely 1930s
(Photo courtesy of Juanita Haught Willard)

The First Baptist Church of Grantsville has been in existence, officially opening the doors in 1833.

In 1833 a group of Christian men and women gathered themselves together at the home of Alexander and Hannah Vannoy Huffman for the purpose of holding religious worship.

A 150 year history of the church was compiled by Virginia Weaver Buck.

Sunday school class about 1920
Photo courtesy of Calhoun Historical Society

Men's Sunday School Class, about 1920

Front: Rev. J. Smith Dye

First row (L-R) Wait Poling, Arthur Miller, Carl Marshall,
Clarence Bower, Jerome Francis, Roach Hall, Harry Smith,
Harry Smith, Hagan Francis, Jake Kelley, Earl Ferrell

Second row (L-R) Ralph Morris, Arlan Burns, Russell
Hathaway, Harlan "Zeke" Stump, Watt Stump, Everett
Proudfoot, Ray Morford, Bernard Marshall, Fred
Hathaway, Hagan Johnson, Harper Burns, L. J. Morris

Third row (l-R) Ora Campbell, Theron Smith, Walter Marshall,
Brooks Fetty, Jesse Parsons, Glen Fleming, Erra Stump, Judson
Barr, Oral Hathaway, Bill Rogers, Ernest Stump, Leason Proudfoot

Women's Sunday School Class, about 1920

First row (l-R) Ruby Pugh Johnson, Virgin Harris, Bertha Francis,
___ Stump, Orma Burns, Etta Johnson, Lois Witt, Alice Marshall,
Edith Morris, Zella Johnson, Rhoda Fleming, Lucille Proudfoot

Second row (L-R) Ruby Stump, Betty Dye, Unknown, Grace
Haught, Dale Law, Lenna Proudfoot, Izora Proudfoot

Third row (L-R) Rilla Harris, Hattie Ferrell, Vera Kelley,
___ Martin, Nannie Smith, Emma Waldo, Edna Jeffreys,
Grace Hathaway, Edith Mollohan, Stella Smith, Lydia Stump.

J. W. Pell Class Band, about 1920

Front (L-R) Russell Stump and Watt Stump

First row (L-R) Everett Proudfoot, Harold Huffman, Ralph Morris,
Fred Hathaway, Hagan Francis, Arlan Burns, L. J. Morris

Second row (L-R) Oral Hathaway, Theron Smith, Ora
Campbell, Leason Proudfoot, W. J. Mathews, Oak Huffman,
Jerome Francis, Waite Poling, Harper Burns, Harold Wilson

Of the young boys sitting on the bank, Jesse Stump, Victor Williams (?) and Harold "Casey" Proudfoot according to Harold Barr Proudfoot or Frederick Hathaway according to Lorentz Carr Hamilton, Jr.