Ten Calhoun youth are among the more than 2000 teens who attended the 30th annual World Pride Conference in Charleston WV this week. The four day event has brought young people together from across the United States and foreign countries for the purpose of Drug and Alcohol prevention and education.

The teens have heard motivational speakers and attended workshops where they have learned how to share the message of drug prevention and the Power of Youth!

Teens attending were - Kayla Hixon, Drew Metheney, Ethan
Collins, Hayli McKinstry, Stephanie Stacy, Kaitlyn Collins,
Kelsey Collins, Beth Richards, Nicolette Liles, and Rebecca Bowman
with Director Shari Johnson, and parent supporter, Marisha Collins

Pride Teams have performed dramas, dance routines and public speaking and received awards and recognition for their creativity of sharing prevention messages. Calhoun's very own Pride Team will begin training within a few weeks after school and will soon bring their message to their peers in Calhoun County under the direction of Shari Johnson.