Ed Stuckwish died suddenly in 2000, one of the counties servants to emergency services. He was a raspy, outspoken and dedicated kind of guy who believed in what he did.

Ed Stuckwish

Here is a poem submitted by a member of Calhoun EMS, in memory of Ed Stuckwish, who was Calhoun's Director of Emergency Services and former Grantsville mayor. He was Head Dispatcher for Calhoun 911.

This Is A Time To Remember Ed

A Year Ago Today

It's only been a year since we let him go
we miss hearing his voice on the radio
he was a sweet man to everyone
even to folks he didn't know

He was well known by many people
he was Head Dispatcher for Calhoun 911
this is a day that should never be forgotten
so take a minute of your time
to reflect on this gracious man
we have known and loved so much

Just don't forget this man
he helped many people in lots of different ways
he laid his life on the line for all of us
we should never forget him
for everything he had done

When I say this I can honestly say
I speak for everyone

We miss and love you ED

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