Plastic jugs, tires, fast food debris, beer
and soft drink cans litter Calhoun landscape

Over 100 community cleanups have been organized for the 2007 West Virginia 'Make It Shine' Statewide Cleanup.

"Currently there are no groups signed up for the cleanup in Calhoun, but it's not to late to schedule one," said Jessica Greathouse of the WV Department of Environmental Protection.

Forty-seven of the 55 counties are participating.

The event is scheduled for the first two weeks of April and is sponsored by the Department of Environmental Protection's REAP program and the Division of Highways.

Beginning April 1 through April 15, the 'Make It Shine' program will provide resources such as cleanup materials and hauling and landfill fees to citizens volunteering to conduct litter cleanups on streams and public lands.

More than 2,200 West Virginia volunteers participated in last year's statewide cleanup, removing over 127 tons of litter and debris as well as 1,820 tires from state streams and public lands.

Even more volunteers are likely to participate this year.

For more information on cleanups, contact Chris Cartwright of the WV Make It Shine program at (800) 322-5530, or by e-mail at

The WV Make It Shine program is part of Governor Manchin's Rehabilitation Environmental Action Plan initiative under the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection.