APPALACHIAN CLASSIC IS ON! - Duskey Volunteers To Be Director


Enthusiastic bikers will hit the trails at
Calhoun Park, June 17th (Photo by Chet Dowell)

Following a few worried days about the future of Calhoun's Appalachian Classic mountain bike race at Calhoun Park, the race is on for 2007.

Lacking a director for the 11th annual event this summer, Grantsville resident Gaylen Duskey has stepped up to the plate.

"It's something that needs to continue in the county," Duskey said, saying he thought it was his turn to help-out.

"The race brings some really great folks to the county, and besides it's a great event for spectators," he said.

The race draws mountain bikers from all over West Virginia.

The big race is scheduled for Sunday, June 17, with a 5K run-walk the previous day.

The Pond Jump draws some brave participants, and a crowd to watch their high dive into the water.

Duskey said volunteers are needed for meal preparation and help for other race events.

"We can always use some willing folks," he said.

He can be contacted at 304-354-7227.

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