"RED WRITING HOOD" - Students Perform Play At Pleasant Hill


Submitted by Lori Parsons

Pleasant Hill Elementary's fourth grade class, under the direction of Kristi Ritchie and Jan Whited, performed a wonderful play titled "Red Writing Hood" for the school on Friday March 16th.

The play's main character was Red "Writing" Hood who thought she could make some of the most famous nursery rhymes even better by changing them around somewhat. However, in the end all of the nursery rhymes she tried to "fix" were now in a mess and she realized sometimes things are better off when left alone so she changed them back.

Teachers commented that after students performed the play, their comprehension scores on the test skyrocketed when compared to comprehension tests of stories they had not performed. They hope to perform more stories as plays and skits in the future in an on-going effort to increase comprehension for all students.