BILLY RAY HARDWAY WILL STAND TRIAL - Assault On DNR Officer Apgar Still Pending

Daniel's Run resident Billy Ray Hardway will stand trial in Calhoun Circuit Court on a charge of a felon in possession of a gun, following a hearing this week in Grantsville.

Hardway (pictured left) was released from Central Regional Jail on a surety bond in order to seek medical treatment for cancer, he has recently had an eye removed.

Yesterday, the person on Hardway's bond, revoked the agreement, and Hardway was taken back to jail.

The case against Hardway for assault on DNR officer John Apgar is still pending, a magistrate referred the case to Circuit Court.

Hardway was shot in the shoulder by officer Apgar when he was attempting to serve warrants on the man last August.

Other action this week in Calhoun Circuit Court before Judge David Nibert:

- State vs. Kelly Lawson, hearing on motion to amend bond, motion denied

- State vs. Christina Vandal, pretrial, failed to appear, bench warrant issued

- State vs. Stephen M. Buvoltz, status hearing, continued to April

- State vs. George Nicholas Parsons, arraignment, failed to appear, bench warrant issued

- State vs. Josh Haymaker, a review with home status continuing

- State vs. James M. Jones, sentencing continued to June