TIMES ARE A'CHANGIN' - Access To Schools Will Be Tightened

By Bob Weaver

Concerns about protecting students and personnel in West Virginia schools has resulted in legislation that will tighten access to individuals entering and leaving public schools.

The legislature allocated $10 million for school security, requiring each county to do a 15% match.

Calhoun Superintendent of Schools Ron Blankenship said a security plan for the county's three schools will be developed and presented to the state's School Building Authority for approval.

Gov. Manchin said a "key element" of the plan will include cooperation with the County-wide Council on Productive and Safe Schools as established by legislation.

Blankenship said Calhoun will receive about $40,000 for the project. "I will ask the local safe schools council to do a safety audit and help develop the plan, which will then be submitted to the state for approval," he said.

Technically, what kind of system will be used to tighten how people will come and go has not been determined.

"We will be getting a Council together in the near future to develop the plan," Blankenship concluded.