Jessica McPherson-Veterinarian (L) Kelcy Bourne-Nurse (R)

Submitted by Deb Hartshorn
WV State Coordinator
Roads to Success

What do you want to do with your life once you graduate from high school?

What do you need to do to reach that goal?

At Roads to Success, we believe that the answers to these two questions are critical to student success - in middle school, high school, and beyond. It is our mission to instill in students a sense of self-efficacy - the knowledge that their actions make a difference - and provide practical skills they'll need to realize their dreams.

RTS is an education non-profit that helps youth discover the careers that inspire them and the steps needed to reach their goals. From study strategies to SAT preparation, exploring careers to acing an interview, Roads to Success coaches students in the skills they'll need to become productive adults.

Anthony Little-Military (L) Brandon Powell-Mechanic (R)

The 7th grade Calhoun Middle School Roads to Success students just completed a career fair. The students identified careers they had an interest in exploring. They used Career Cruising to find career information, including job description, income, education and experience needed, skills needed, career outlook and working hours. The students then compiled their research into a presentation and presented to the rest of the class the requirements of this career.

The students used their creative writing skills to describe what a good and bad day at this job might look like. They also had to create a fiction short story about what they do during their work day. Example - who they work with, what training they received, where they are working. They created a brochure of information relating to their career. The brochure could be shared with other students interested in their careers and also with their parents.

The students learned a lot about different careers and asked each other questions during the presentations. Careers represented: veterinarian, coach, surgeon, military infantry, truck driver, author, professional skate boarder, lawyer, oil rig worker, heavy equipment construction contractor, cosmetologist, taxidermist, stunt person, physical education teacher, detective, OB nurse, pediatrician, combat engineer, horse trainer, animal caretaker, marine biologist, model, actress, police, navy, carpenter, cook, bus driver, computer programmer, zookeeper, heavy equipment mechanic, motorcycle mechanic, automotive mechanic, bus driver, fashion designer, medical secretary, mental health nurse, dancer, conservation officer, X-Ray technician, elementary school teacher, and artist.