Scott Pierson, a Cabell County utility contractor and golf fan, could get his chance to run a golf course if Kanawha County officials approve his bid for Sandy Brae.

He was the winning bidder Thursday when county officials held a second auction on the 250-acre golf course located on the Roane-Kanawha line.

Pierson bid $650,000 for the golf course, $50,000 less than winning bidder Oshel Craigo offered last month.

County Commissioners Kent Carper, Dave Hardy and Hoppy Shores decided to try and get more money for the property by trying another auction.

They did get a a better deal for four parcels of land across from the golf course, which went for a total of $90,000 during the last auction. Clendenin resident Jim Shafer offered $102,375 for all four parcels.

"Property is worth what the market will bear," said commissioner Dave Hardy.