What was supposed to be an easy way to get a computer has turned out to be a real problem for a Duck, Braxton County woman.

West Virginia's Attorney General Darrel McGraw has filed a lawsuit against Blue Hippo - a company that advertised that you could get a computer with just a checking account.

McGraw said the company did not fully disclose the terms of its deals.

Getting a computer has turned into an expensive nightmare for Diana Nottingham, who called Blue Hippo to get a new computer. It was supposed to be an easy affordable way.

Nottingham said problems with Blue Hippo and Gateway, the company contracted by Blue Hippo to provide the computers, started from day one.

It started when she had to make four payments before she was even approved for a computer.

Then, Nottingham said the machine she received was outdated and parts of it were refurbished.

She has had the computer replaced two times by Gateway.

Nottingham said she was supposed to receive some free items after paying for the computer.

She was later informed she would not be getting those items because there were a few times when she did not have enough funds in her checking account to cover the payments.

Nottingham said her shortfall occurred because Blue Hippo took the funds when they were not supposed to.

It added up to several thousand dollars lost and a computer that barely works.

If you have dealt with Blue Hippo and have had problems like Nottingham's, you can file a complaint with the state Attorney General's office.