Braxton County Magistrate Carolyn Cruickshanks has been charged with conspiracy to retaliate against a state's witness.

State Police Corporal Chad Tierney says Cruickshanks helped her incarcerated son, Jordan Grubb, distribute court documents to other inmates at the Central Regional Jail.

The documents were allegedly about a witness in a drug case.

State Police say this witness, who testified against Grubb as part of a plea agreement, was also an inmate at Central Regional.

They say the inmates then saw this man as a snitch and he was threatened and then moved into protective custody.

State Police say the plan between Cruickshanks and her son was discussed in February phone conversations that were recorded by the Central Regional Jail.

Cruickshank's son, Grubb, is charged with retaliation against a state's witness, a charge that carries a possible one-to-ten-year jail sentence.

Cruickshanks faces up to five years if convicted. Both arrest warrants were issued yesterday.

A spokeswoman for the state Supreme Court says Cruickshanks has been suspended with pay until the matter is resolved.

Cruickshanks had allegedly been at odds with the State Police earlier in Braxton over the operation of her office, the State Police reportedly filed charges against her.