Calhoun Middle School students participated in the school math field day recently.

Winners were selected from four grade levels.

The top three winners from each grade will advance to the RESA Math Field Day on March 26 at WVU-Parkersburg.

Grade 8 - Zach Hanshaw (1st) Karissa Reip (2nd) Joe
Overbaugh (3rd) Erik Johnson and Ashley Houchin (alternates)

Grade 7 - Tiffany Freed (1st) Jonah Law (2nd) Evan
Mace (3rd) Tangie Cain and Arian Stough (alternates)

Grade 6 - Jared Haught (1st) Ruby Prusack (2nd) Jessica
McCumbers (3rd) Levi Gordon and Rick Allen (alternates)

Grade 5 - Nicholas Smith (1st) Logan Moore (2nd) Stephanie
Hall (3rd) Kenneth Dawson and Shayla Arnold (alternates)

Courtesy of  Calhoun Middle School