Submitted by Sharon Settle

Winners of the first Rosebud Pageant held on February 10 sponsored by the Upper West Fork Park have been announced.

Twenty contestants came out for the event despite the cold weather.

Winners in each category were:

Girls 0-6 months - Maycee Carter, six weeks, daughter of Adam and Heather Carter - first place.

Girls 7-12 months - Morgan Adkins, 1 year, daughter of Ronald and Carol Adkins - first place.

Girls 13-23 months - Denee Collins, 14 months, daughter of David and Kelli Collins - first place.

Girls 2-3 years - Kayley Dwier, 2 years, daughter of Misty Barker - first place.

Girls 6-8 years - Carissa Keiffer, 7 years, daughter of Tommy and Betsy Keiffer - first place. Kayla Wood, 7 years, daughter of Douglas and Kaira Wood - second place. Madelynn Adkins, 6 years, daughter of Ronald and Carol Adkins - third place.

Girls 9-11 years - Sierra Snider, 11 years, daughter of John and Rebecca Snider - first place. Danielle Richards, 10, years, daughter of Gary and Emma Richards - second place. Dominique Collins, 11 years, daughter of David and Kelli Collins - third place.

Girls 12-14 years - Megan Shaffer, 14 years, daughter of Terrie Shaffer - first place.

Girls - 15-17 years - Ashley Conley, 16 years, daughter of Earl and Carolyn Conley - first place. Jessica Cowger, 16 years, daughter of Bill and Anita Cowger - second place. Lyndsay Turner, 16 years, daughter of Coreen Kennedy - third place.

Boys 7-12 months - Charles Lynch, 11 months - first place.

Boys 13-23 months - Eric Keiffer, 16 months, son of Tommy and Betsy Keiffer - first place.

Boys 2-3 years - Kennedy Ater, 2 years, son of Sara Keen and Kenny Ater - first place. Isaiah Keiffer, 3 years, son of Tommy and Betsy Keiffer - second place.

Photogenic Winners were: Dominique Collins - first place; Danielle Richards - second place; Lyndsay Turner - third place.

We would like to thank the children and parents who who came out to participate. Thanks to Randy Perkins for the use of the Fire Hall.

A special thanks to the judges - Vicky Davis, Clay County; Nina Sanchez, Roane County; Joe Braggs, Webster County; Roberta Noggle, Calhoun County; and all others who volunteered their time to make the pageant a success.