CRAIGO STILL INTERESTED IN SANDY BRAE - Whatever Happened To Spencer's Biscuit World?

Despite Kanawha County canceling his development company's bid for Sandy Brae golf course in Roane County, Oshel Craigo says he is still interested in the property.

Craigo, who owns a chain of Gino's Pizza places and Tudors Biscuit World, says he intends to bid again on March 15.

The golf course is mostly located in neighboring Roane County, but Kanawha County officials have been running it since taking it over from a private organization about 30 years ago.

Kanawha County wants to sell the property since it is a money loser.

Craigo and his business partner Dave Hofstetter bid $700,000 for the 250-acre golf course, situated along I-79 near Amma.

Craigo said he hopes to put a subdivision on the Sandy Brae site.

Craigo and his business partners announced early last year they intended to build a Tudors Biscuit World along the entrance to Spencer's Wal-Mart.

Construction was slated for last fall, but the project has yet to begin.

Craigo purchased land for the project from the City of Spencer.