ROYALTY FIGHT UPDATE - Judge Will Rule On Amount, Big Corporation Bill Likely Dead, Anne Tawney Goff On WSAZ-TV

- This Monday, Roane Circuit Judge Tom Evans is to hear post-trial motions asking him to set aside the $404 million verdict against Chesapeake Energy, at least the $270 million punitive part.

- A bill being pushed in the legislature by Chesapeake Energy and other producers to reduce the rights of gas royalty owners, allowing the companies to charge production costs against the royalty owners 1/8 interest, is not likely moving forward, according to sources in the legislature.

- WSAZ-TV 3 will air a piece on the royalty issue at 5:30 p.m. today, including an interview with Anne Tawney Goff, daughter of Garrison Tawney of Roane County, the retired teacher initiated the lawsuit when he didn't receive any money from a big-producing deep well on his property.

- Charleston Gazette editor, James Haught has written his view of the royalty issue, re-published on today's Herald.