REDNECKS GALORE! - Pageant Winners Announced


Sheriff Carl Ballengee investigates redneck activity

By Paige Toney

The First Annual Redneck Pageant was held February 17 at Calhoun Middle-High School.

It was an evening of fun and laughter for everyone. The Wood Festival would have liked to see more participation but knows that they were battling against rescheduled sporting events and weather.

Adam Tucker and Toby Wagoner were crowd favorites along with Daisy Duke and Ellie Mae. But the person that won the crowds hearts was the baby rednecks who looked adorable - some in bibs and some in camo.

Adam Tucker with Purdiest Redneck, Niki
Liles (L) and Casey Harris (R) as Alanis Morissette

Ma and Pa Matoy cut-up for the audience

The Wood Festival would like to express their appreciation for everyone who came out to participate and support them. They would also like to let everyone know they are going to hold another redneck event - the Redneck Parade - so they can name new successors to the titles that were given over the weekend.

Winners from this Redneck event will reign over the 2007 Mud Bog and the winners from the Redneck Parade (looking to be held sometime in the fall) will reign over the 2008 Wood Festival events.

In addition to the categories listed in this event - Strong Man Redneck and People's Choice Redneck will be added. If you have questions or suggestions - please contact Paige Toney at 354-6313 or

Little Rednecks Damien McHenry and Kylie Freshour

Jim (L) and Dewayne McCormick (R) are Gramps and Mr. Redneck

Daisy Duke Redneck, Niki Liles (L) and
Ashley Conley (R) as Ellie Mae Clampett

First Annual Redneck winners:

Baby Miss Redneck-Lexi Toney; Baby Mister Redneck-Damien McHenry; Little Miss Redneck-Natessa Little; Little Mister Redneck-Brady Toney; Young Miss Redneck-Kylie Freshour; Teen Miss Redneck-Ashley Conley; Mr. Redneck-Dewayne McCormick; Miss Redneck-Erica Cottrill; Mrs. Redneck-Terry Harris; Gramps Redneck-Jim McCormick

Grams' Redneck-Nana Jacqueline; Ma Redneck-Ma Matoy; Pa Redneck-Pa Matoy; Daisy Duke Redneck-Niki Liles; Hunkiest Redneck-Bryan Toney; Purdiest Redneck-Niki Liles; Drag Queen Redneck-Yaya Sister; Redneck Look-Alike-Ashley Conley as Ellie Mae Clampett; Redneck Look-Alike-Jim Sullivan as Larry the Cable Guy; Celebrity Look-Alike-Casey Harris as Alanis Morissette; Celebrity Look-Alike-Toby Wagoner as Adam Tucker