Business at Monday's meeting included:

Joy Starcher reported on the January 23 RESA meeting and Steve Whited reported on the January 30 CGCC meeting. Donnie Pitts gave a maintenance report.

The board approved a student transfer and a home school request.

Steve Whited moved and Mike Wilson seconded that Calhoun Middle/High School change to a seven period schedule for the 2007-2008 school year.

After lengthy discussion, the motion was withdrawn pending further discussion. (See earlier Herald story)

The board went into a half-hour executive session to discuss personnel issues.

The following personnel actions approved:

Approval for Tie Breaker Procedure (draw cards); Retirement - Gregory H. Cartwright (Effective June 30, 2007)

Employee Transfers: Vickie Baker - from TIS to CMHS Mathematics; Cathy Craddock - from full time CMHS to half time CMHS; Debra Cunningham - from Counselor to CMHS Mathematics; Samantha Jarvis - from half time CMHS to full time Pleasant Hill; Robert Thomas Lewis - Bus Operator; Angela Sims - from Arnoldsburg to Pleasant Hill; Ernest Tingler - from full time CMHS to half time CMHS


Probationary Contracts: Timothy Brown, Marisha Collins, Cathy Craddock, Lorri Cunningham, Michael Franek, Amber Ganoe, Teresa Goodnight, Casey Harris, Andrea Hays, Samantha Jarvis, Melissa Jones, Shelly Mace, Kenneth McCumbers, Barry Miller, Seana Miller, Adam O'Harrow, James Overbaugh, Ansel Payne, Charles Ritchie, Shelly Sheets, Angela Sims, Kristin Smith, Connie Summers, Ernest Tingler, Jamie Wagoner, Lisa Walker

Continuing Contracts: JoAnn Dawson, Scott Golinsky, Ada Overbaugh, Norma Randall-Myers, John Simers, Joseph Taylor

Administrative Contracts: Susan Carper - Assistant Principal - CMHS; Karen Kirby - Principal - CMHS; Donald Pitts - Director of Supportive Services; Connie Roberts - Director of Finance; Jacqueline Shimer - Principal - Pleasant Hill; Bryan Sterns - Principal - Arnoldsburg; Larry Stinn - Director of Federal Programs; Carla Taylor - Assistant Principal - CMHS

Job Postings: Social Studies Teacher - CMHS; Mathematics Teacher - CMHS

Finances Approved:

Invoices - $484,329.54
Supplements - $401,518.84
Transfers - $182,133.25
Financial Reports - December 2006 and January 2007

Others Present: Vickie Baker, Maggie Bennett, Greg Cartwright, Phyllis Evans, Melinda Fitzwater, Deb Goff, Karen Kirby, Jo Mollendick, Bev Morford, Anita Parsons, Donald Pitts, Sharon Pitts, Connie Roberts, Bonnie Sands, Bob Weaver, Tammy Yoak

The next board meeting will discuss the county's Strategic Plan, with a continued discussion about changing block scheduling.

The next meeting is at the Calhoun Middle/High School on March 19.